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Craft Corner: Easy DIYs for Kids

Transform everyday objects into free and fun kids’ crafts!

Gabby and Baby Box from Gabby's Dollhouse
Let your little unleash their inner artist!

DIY together to make animals inspired by The Creature Cases and instruments from Little Baby Bum: Music Time. Older kids can turn a pizza box into a Sonic Prime game or an egg carton into a class pet like Leo. Extra green points for reusing materials you already have in your home!

Sonic Prime

Ring Toss Game

Turn pizza night into family game night. Winner gets the last slice!

Download instructions

The Creature Cases

DIY Tundra Snow Globe

For some winter fun with your favorite animal agents, try your hand at this DIY custom snow globe.

Download & print

Gabby's Dollhouse

DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

Craft the purrfect DIY dollhouse for hours of imaginative play!

Download instructions More Gabby's Dollhouse printables


Egg Carton Lizard

A pet lizard you don’t have to clean up after.

Download & print

Little Baby Bum: Music Time

Tambourine & Rainstick

Make some musical magic!

Download tambourine instructions Download rainstick instructions

The Creature Cases

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Unleash the wild indoors and get crafty with Sam and Kit.

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