Netflix Family Magazine!

It’s an actual, physical magazine your kids can hold in their hands featuring the Netflix characters you know and love. Full of games, stories, and activities, Netflix Family Magazine has fun for the whole family.

We worked closely with a childhood development expert to create something both entertaining and enriching for you and your littles to enjoy together!

Fun & Games

Our adventures will transport your kids into the worlds of their favorite Netflix shows.


Say goodbye to white walls! Cover your world in your Netflix friends.

Crafts, Recipes, & More!

Let the kids have at it (with your help, of course)!

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Find all the differences in Gabby’s Dollhouse, tell a hilarious holiday story with The Bad Guys, and take on a daring Chicken Run egg-scape. Brand new adventures await in Issue 6!

Magazine issues

Browse all of our past issues and download activity pages featuring your kid's favorite Netflix characters!

Issue 1

Say Hello!

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Issue 2

Summer Fun!

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Issue 3

Let's Learn!

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Issue 4

Winter Wonder

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Issue 5

Summer Fun!

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Issue 6

Winter Wonder!

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