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Free Resources for Teachers

Treat your young scholars (and yourself) to free and fun classroom printables, videos, and activities!

Characters Bang and Bing from Storybots
Have your students’ favorite Netflix characters introduce your lessons!

Explore exciting teaching tools, from printables ( 🖨️ ) to YouTube lessons ( ⏯️ ) to movement ( ❤️ ) and arts and crafts ( ✂️ ) activities. Add familiar friends, like Sharkdog, StoryBots, and Spirit Rangers, to your curriculum!

Collage of English Language Arts activities including a Storybots video, a Puss in Boots word search, and a fill-in-the-blank storytelling sheet from Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday

English Language Arts

Teaching about all the sounds the letter “o” makes? The StoryBots have a song for that! Or print out a Puss in Boots: The Last Wish word search for extra practice with letter identification. Blended letters, question marks, and even homophones are all covered in our ELA collection.


WORD SEARCH 🖨️ This classic letter identification game challenges students to uncover nouns and popular character names. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (Netflix After School)

Creative Writing

ALLITERATION 🖨️ Use silly storytelling to teach alliteration with a wintry twist. The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday (Netflix After School)


READING ⏯️ Have your class sing along to over 30 lessons on letter sounds, grammar, and punctuation. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

ALPHABET ⏯️ These memorable rhymes cover all the letters of the alphabet, plus their different sounds and cases. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

A collage of activities including a counting video, a What Comes Next sequence game, and a Find the Hidden Shapes page


Take advantage of these free resources to help students master their math skills. See what shapes your class can catch as they jam out to StoryBots songs. Then, teach a goofy counting game with Teletubbies.


PATTERNS 🖨️ Practice pattern recognition using familiar objects, animals, and characters. Sharkdog (Netflix Jr.)


SHAPE RECOGNITION 🖨️ Students can learn to spot 2D shapes in everyday objects. Spirit Rangers (Netflix Jr.)

SHAPES ⏯️ Find rhymes and songs for every shape from circle to rhombus. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)


COUNTING ⏯️ Recreate this funny game in your classroom to teach your kids how to count to 4. Teletubbies (Netflix Jr.)

NUMBERS ⏯️ Introduce all the numbers from 1 to 10 with these engaging rhymes. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

A collage of videos featuring characters from CoComelon and Gabby's Dollhouse


Make CoComelon creations as you teach color concepts. Decorate your classroom with handprint rainbows inspired by Gabby and her kitty friends. Dozens of simple tutorials are available to guide your class through painting, sculpting, and drawing.


COLORS ⏯️ Guide students through recognizing, reading, and remembering colors with over a dozen songs. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

Visual Arts

SCULPTING ✂️ Use this easy rainbow dough recipe to teach primary colors, then mix them up for a lesson on secondary colors. CoComelon (Netflix Jr.)

PAINTING ✂️ Get a little messy with some classic handprint art and teach your class the colors of the rainbow. Gabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix Jr.)

DRAWING ⏯️ With 21 videos to choose from, students can learn to draw, paint, and animate Netflix friends or come up with their own characters. Netflix After School

A collage of science based videos that feature cartoon imagery of skeletons, dinosaurs, and stars


Want memory-friendly approaches for your science lessons? Print and play educational games and songs covering life science, Earth science, and much more!

SCIENCE ⏯️ Enhance your science lessons with 18 playful songs that make learning a dance-filled discovery. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)


DINOSAUR NAMES ⏯️ Introduce 5 dinosaurs to your class using songs and rhymes. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

DINOSAUR EXTINCTION ⏯️ Help your students understand how nature and environmental changes shaped Earth’s history. Life on Our Planet (Netflix After School)


SENSES 🖨️ Teaching the five senses? Print out some fun facts on the sense of smell. Ada Twist, Scientist (Netflix Jr.)

HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS ⏯️ Discover catchy rhymes to teach about the brain, heart, and other parts of the body. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)


STARS ⏯️ Explore the stars and get your class moving with a rap full of stellar facts. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)


HYDROPHOBIC VS. HYDROPHILIC ✂️ Grab some milk, food coloring, and dish soap for an easy and interactive chemistry lesson. Ada Twist, Scientist (Netflix Jr.)

A collage of videos and printable activities including featured characters from Gabby's Dollhouse, Storybots, and The Creature Cases

World Languages and Cultures

Let Netflix Jr. and After School friends help you highlight different cultures with these educational video lessons, songs, and printables.


LANGUAGE 🖨️ Teach your class how to recognize and read colors in English and Spanish with this poster. Netflix Jr.

LANGUAGE ⏯️ Students can enhance listening skills and color recognition while singing along as they learn vibrant Spanish vocabulary. Netflix Jr.

CULTURE ⏯️ Celebrate Mexican heritage with this lesson on the fundamentals of mariachi. Netflix After School


LANGUAGE ⏯️ Liven your class with song and dance while learning Portuguese vocabulary. Netflix Jr.


LANGUAGE ⏯️ Immerse your class in the Hawaiian language by teaching them vocabulary and phrases. Netflix After School

A collage of printable activities and videos featuring characters from Not Quite Narwhal and The Creature Cases

Physical Education

Teach your kids the importance of warming up and cooling down during their P.E. lessons. Lead them through dynamic exercises with the help of the Not Quite Narwhal crew. Then, play a quick jumping game alongside Sam and Kit from The Creature Cases.


FLEXIBILITY ❤️ Guide class to imitate the movements of animals and characters while stretching. Not Quite Narwhal (Netflix Jr.)


JUMPING ❤️ Give your class a brain break and follow the rhythm of the music to this jump challenge. The Creature Cases (Netflix Jr.)

A collage of videos that social-emotional learning, featuring characters from Storybots and The Creature Cases

Social-Emotional Learning

Inspire students to recognize and explore their emotions, instill a sense of calm through singing, and build self-confidence with The Creature Cases, StoryBots, and other Netflix Family friends.


Emotions ⏯️ Students can learn to identify and understand 5 fundamental emotions with stories and songs. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

Confidence ⏯️ Boost self-confidence in your class with this motivational song. The Creature Cases (Netflix Jr.)


Mindfulness ⏯️ Sing along to teach students to focus on the present and practice self-regulation skills. Netflix Jr.

A collage of printable activities and videos for kids to do on fun days, including connect the dot activities from Storybots and Pokemon

Fun Day Activities

Sing, dance, draw, and color your way through fun Fridays. Celebrate your students’ hard work with games and adventures featuring shows like LEGO Ninjago and Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series.

Hidden Pictures 🖨️ Have your students join forces and find all the hidden characters in this exciting scene. LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising (Netflix After School)

Connect the Dots 🖨️ Your class can count to 15 while they draw and color these Netflix Jr. pals. StoryBots (Netflix Jr.)

Connect the Dots 🖨️ Ash and Pikachu can teach your students to count from 1 to 55 in this tracing and coloring printable. Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Netflix After School)

Nursery Rhymes ⏯️ Take a sing-along break with popular nursery rhymes like “Wheels on the Bus” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” Little Baby Bum: Music Time (Netflix Jr.)

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