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Frights and fun!

A Netflix Family Halloween

Get the kids ready for spooky season with DIY costumes and curated watch lists.

Gabby and Pandy Paws dressed up for Halloween over a blue background

Costume crafts

Take the kids trick-or-treating as their favorite characters with these easy DIY costumes.

Ladybug Sneakers & Mask

Make your superhero the perfect disguise.

Character Ladybug next to themed Ladybug sneakers and mask

Pandy Candy Bag & Ears

How cute would your little look with these?

Pandy Paws in a green Halloween costume next to a Pandy Paws themed bag and headband

Spy Kids Kit

Gear up the whole family!

The Spy Kids family in a vehicle, next to Spy Kids themed sneakers and watch

Halloween watch-together moments

Pass the candy!

Spook-tacular picks for kids

A hint of nostalgia, a dash of fright, and tons of Halloween fun.

More to watch

Halloween playlist

Monsters, pumpkins, and phantom pups! Get in the Halloween spirit with Netflix Jr.

Characters Sally from Brown and Friends and Vida from Super Monsters over a purple colored desert background

Episode 1

I Woke Up a Vampire

What would Halloween even be without teenage vampires? Here’s an exclusive look at the first episode on YouTube!

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A 3D image of the inside of the Issue 7 magazine, open to a spread of several activities